Data Entry Work

  1. 1. Plain Data Entry Jobs
    Plain data entry work involves typing words into MS word file. From a PDF document to Word document. Rs 10 to Rs 20 per page

    2. Other Basic Typing Jobs
    Other basic typing jobs can be working with Excel Spreadsheet. Here we just fill cells with data. We charge you Rs 40 to Rs 100 per hour.

    3. Word Processor or Typist
    Here the work is a bit more technical. We create letters, mailing labels, reports etc. We can also work with technical stuff like creating charts, graphs and tables.

    4. Cleaning of Data
    Also known as data cleansing or data scrubbing where we can detect and remove (or correct) erroneous data from a table or a database. It can be a Word File or an Excel spreadsheet.

    5. Online Form Filling
    Here you will be given online form and huge data separately. We have to enter the value from the database into each field in the online form very carefully.

    6. Copy & Paste Jobs
    Here we can copy data from one file and paste it to another. Basically it will be a word document or excel spreadsheet.

    7. Re Formatting and Correction
    Normally formatting jobs include formatting a word document like aligning paragraphs, indentation, fonts etc.We can also format a long form which contains various fields like Name, Email ID, Address, Phone No etc.

    8. Formatting and Editing Job
    We will not only correct spelling mistakes but also grammar.

    9. Image to Text Data Entry
    You will give us an image which is a screenshot containing written paragraphs. We have to read from images and write it down on a Word document.

    10. Audio to Text
    We will listen an audio and reproduce it into a text format.

    11. Updating Database
    Here you update existing database and create new ones online. These database contains various fields like Name, Phone no, email ID, address etc for various industries.

    12. Catalog Data Entry Operator
    Catalog Data entry operator read from database and fill into online or offline software. We can enter various fields like product name, code no, expiry date, price etc.

    13. Payroll Data Entry Operator
    This is very common data entry job. Here We can enter the employee name, payment details, allowances etc.

    14. Entering Data into Web Based System
    In this data entry job, We can enter data into a web based system from different kinds of product catalogues.